Celebrating VOITED's Collaboration with APEX CETACEA

Celebrating VOITED's Collaboration with APEX CETACEA

Guardians of the Deep – APEX CETACEA

Meet APEX CETACEA, the guardians of the marine realm, tirelessly working to study, understand, and protect the cetaceans that grace the waters of the Bay of Biscay.

A Shared Commitment to Conservation

At VOITED, our passion for sustainability and love for nature led us to seek partners who shared our vision. Thus, our collaboration with APEX CETACEA was born. Established in 2023, this partnership represents a shared commitment to marine conservation.

Empowering Exploration with Eco-Conscious Gear

Central to our collaboration is the VOITED Apex REPREVE Our Ocean® Poncho, a testament to our shared values. Crafted from REPREVE Our Ocean® fabric, derived from recycled ocean-bound plastics, this poncho embodies sustainability and performance. Equipped with a waterproof zipper and designed for versatile use, it's the perfect companion for adventurers who seek to tread lightly on the planet. Launching for pre-sale on World Ocean Day 2024, the VOITED Apex REPREVE Our Ocean® Poncho is available from the end of July 2024.

Q&A with APEX CETACEA's Founder

To shed light on the significance of our collaboration and the role of the poncho in their expeditions, we had the privilege of interviewing Clement Brouste, the visionary behind APEX CETACEA. Here are some insights from our conversation:

1. How has the collaboration with VOITED enhanced APEX CETACEA's conservation efforts?

"The collaboration between Apex Cetacea and VOITED has been a game-changer for our conservation efforts. VOITED’s high-quality outdoor gear has significantly improved comfort and efficiency for our research team and guests during marine expeditions. This gear allows us to stay at sea longer and conduct more effective research by keeping us warm and dry. Additionally, the partnership has boosted our visibility and financial support, enabling us to run more comprehensive cetacean conservation and public awareness programs. This collaboration enhances our work in comfort, visibility, awareness, and funding."

2. Can you share a memorable experience where the VOITED Poncho played a role in your expeditions?

"The ponchos from the collaboration not only allowed us to stay longer at sea during each expedition, but they were also lifesavers during our loggerhead turtle rescue operations in the Gouf of Capbreton. We often find turtles at the surface, exhausted and in hypothermia after drifting in the currents. We rescue them and transfer them to La Rochelle for care before their release when the water is warmer. When we get a turtle out of the water, we place the animal on a poncho on the boat. VOITED ponchos kept the turtles warm until we reached the research center. We love sharing this heartwarming story with our guests before offering them a poncho on every expedition. The ponchos protect not only people but also animals, indirectly and now directly!"

3. In what ways do initiatives like this collaboration contribute to raising awareness about marine conservation?

"Initiatives like the collaboration between Apex Cetacea and VOITED contribute to raising awareness about marine conservation in several impactful ways. By partnering with a popular outdoor brand, Apex Cetacea can reach a broader audience, engaging people who might not typically be exposed to marine conservation messages and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the ocean. Additionally, scientific research often faces significant funding challenges. Supporting a local association like Apex Cetacea provides essential financial aid that enables continued study, protection, and rescue efforts for cetaceans. This financial backing is vital for advancing conservation projects and ensuring their success."

4. What message do you hope to convey to outdoor enthusiasts through this partnership?

"Through our partnership with VOITED, we hope to convey to outdoor enthusiasts the vital importance of marine conservation and the role they can play in protecting cetaceans and their habitats. By using VOITED's high-quality gear, they not only enhance their own outdoor experiences but also support the crucial work of Apex Cetacea. We aim to inspire a deeper connection to the ocean and encourage active participation in conservation efforts, showing that everyone can make a positive impact on our planet's marine ecosystems."

5. Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future of marine conservation?

"Looking ahead, our aspirations for marine conservation are to enhance our understanding and protection of cetaceans in the Gouf de Capbreton. We aim to raise awareness through expeditions, events, and educational initiatives. Our goal is to conduct research that helps protect these vital species. To achieve this, we need to secure funding for our team, equipment, and expeditions. Each boat trip not only educates guests but also collects valuable scientific data for our research database. We also aim to have a fully equipped and trained team for cetacean rescues across France and beyond. Ultimately, we want these animals to thrive, with humans respecting and understanding their crucial role in the ecosystem for harmonious coexistence."

Together for the Oceans

As we navigate the depths of our partnership, we invite you to join us on this journey. Every purchase of the VOITED Apex REPREVE Our Ocean® Poncho directly supports APEX CETACEA's invaluable work, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for our oceans and the magnificent creatures that call them home.

AVAILABLE NOW FOR PRE-SALE, the VOITED Apex REPREVE Our Ocean® Poncho is available for delivery from end of July 2024.

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