This year, we've shelved Black Friday discounts to make way for deeper, more meaningful long-term contributions.

This November, step into the world of conscious choices and mindful giving with VOITED. KNOWVEMBER isn't just a month-long campaign; it's a pledge, a movement, and a reflection of who we are. At VOITED, we create outstanding products that are sustainably crafted and weave together the dedication of our entire team, from production to delivery. But, our mission doesn’t end with providing you the best.

By choosing VOITED, you're empowering us to leverage our abilities to uplift NGOs that resonate with our values. Whether it's using our expertise to amplify the online presence of organizations like Ranger Lab or collaborating with entities such as Reef Check and their work for marine conservation, we're dedicated to making a difference. Our main goal is to weave consciousness into every product.

Why KNOWVEMBER? Because knowledge is the first step to action. This month, get to know the NGOs we are supporting and understand why they matter. But our commitment is timeless. Every purchase you make with VOITED contributes to our shared vision of a brighter and more sustainable future. It's a pledge that goes beyond November and stretches into years of positive impact.

Remember, with VOITED:

  • Every product is a testament to sustainability, quality and durability.
  • Every team member, from the artisan to the executive, is valued and supported.
  • Our sustainable returns form the foundation of our ongoing support for NGOs, today and in the future.

By choosing VOITED, you're joining a journey of education and preservation. Your support extends beyond us, reaching NGOs such as APEX CETACEA in their research on cetaceans, or JUST DIGGIT as they champion reforestation. Every decision to support VOITED adds to the momentum of positive change.

At VOITED, we believe that the synergy of commerce and compassion can craft a world where creativity flourishes, sustainability is non-negotiable, and every individual thrives. Join us in making KNOWVEMBER not just a month, but a movement.

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