Kenzo x VOITED Collab

An exclusive collaboration

Outdoor apparel can be sustainable and also incredibly fashionable. This is proven not only by our own designs but also by the new designs from KENZO. Introducing the new KENZO Sport collection by Felipe Oliveira Baptista, inspired by movement and functionality. With brightly-colored pieces & bold graphics, KENZO Sport merges technical materials with easy silhouettes, to allow free and fluid movement.

Available blankets

KENZO Sport combines elegance and technicality with comfort. With the VOITED PillowBlankets™, KENZO has found a product matching their focus on functionality, versatility and sustainability and has included 3 custom blankets in their new Sport collection. Shop the blankets here.

Meet the designer - Felipe Oliveira Baptista

"One of the most exciting things about being a fashion designer is the ability to change the way people think; To create things that are more user-friendly, to drive innovation and to find solutions to problems", says the Portuguese designer*.  

The innovative design and features used for our VOITED PillowBlanket™ and the search for creating collections that are "completely sustainable from sourcing the fibers to the finished garment", made the 100% recycled blankets a perfect fit. Functional, lightweight and packable – ideal for travel, hiking, picnics, and festivals. Featuring a detachable hood, the blanket transforms into a cape, a sleeping bag and a pillow. ⁠⁠Escape the Ordinary - where sustainability and functionality meet fashion.