Upcycled: from blankets to high fashion coats

We’ve teamed up with  @annick.vdw for a sustainable partnership.

Annick uses cut-offs and leftover materials from blankets and repurposes them into engineered, high end and fully hand made coats. Sustainable, unique, better for the planet and with prints that brighten up any day. 

About Annick van de Weghe

With a background in fabrics through her family's equestrian brand, Annick always had a fascination for fabrics and colors.

On the lookout for unique fabrics, Annick found 80 blankets in Lesotho and repurposed them into unique, warm coats. With this, the brand AVDW was born. 

Her experience with technical materials and sporty design has led her to VOITED. What started out as a single project has now led to an ongoing collaboration.